Digital Photography Classes 


My passion for photography is one that I enjoy sharing with others. I have been teaching a variety of photographic classes since the early 1980's. Today I teach one on one classes as well as public classes in a variey of venues. One place you can find my public classes are the the NCSU Craft Center.


You can check their website for the most up to date schedule by clicking on this link.


The most requested class is my basic Digital Photography Class. This class consists of 4 sessions.


The first session is fundamentals of photography which covers shutter speeds, f/stops, ISO, etc.


The second session builds on the first session and covers file types, resolution, high dynamic range, focal length, and composition.


The third session is a shooting class where we go out and put into practice all you have learned to this point.


The fourth session is a post capture class covering how to get the most out of your digital files and processing your image in photoshop and other software. 


Other classes I teach are Macro Photography, Small Product Photography, and Shooting the Golden Hour. I will be happy to discuss any photographic instruction you may need.


If you do not find what you are looking for there contact me for one on one I have available.